Sunday, March 25, 2007

Kuwait drivers

This is a typtical example of what I see everyday driving in Kuwait
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Sanctions against Iran

UNITED NATIONS, March 24 (KUNA) -- The Security Council on Saturday adopted further sanctions against Iran to pressure it to comply with UN demands to suspend its uranium enrichment activities, and warned it would impose tighter measures in 60 days if the IAEA reports that Tehran is still in defiance. ...
and what good will this do? Looks like war will expand from Iraq into Iran. History repeats itself but this time the American tax payer foots the bill. I need to head for home before this whole place goes up. That is if I can survive the freeways of Kuwait where the worst drivers in the world battle it out daily while talking on their cell phones.

Friday, March 23, 2007


So the big winner in the war between the US and Iraq is Iran. This should be no surprise to President Bush but I except that it is. Iran gets bolder every day. From thier nuclear program to the recent capture of UK personel today in the Gulf. A long history of Muslims waring against Muslims continues, at least this time it is Arab against Persian.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Good Book - Afghanistan

I just finished reading "The Places in Between" by Rory Stewart. It is a book about the authors walk across Afghanistan, from Herat to Kabul. A very good book that I can recommend to those interested in the life and history of people in Aghanistan. The authur begins his walk across Afghanistan just after the Taliban are removed from power in 2002, note they are trying to regain that power back now. An easy read and gives good insights into the daily lives of the locals. The Islamic tradition of support to the traveler is impressive. I wonder how many other people would take you in if you were walking across thier country and knocked on the door at night and asked for food and a place to sleep.

Trip to Qatar

So I just returned from a trip to Qatar, a small country jutting out into the Persian/Arabian Gulf. Lots of construction going on, roads and new buildings. On the flight down we took a small plane which was great since we flew at around 10,000 feet which gave us a great view of the Gulf waters and coast line. Very beautiful. Bahrain is very impressive from the air from all the building going on. On the day we were scheduled to return their was a huge sand storm which grounded all planes for about 12 hours but we finally took off and made it back to Kuwait in the late evening. So now I have had the opportunity to visit Oman, Qatar, Bahrain and Kuwait.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Kuwait "drivers"

So I am back on my rant about Kuwaiti drivers. Having to drive on the freeway everyday I see more crazy drivers in a single day than I have in years in the US or any other county I have been to. They are inconsiderate and rude, endangering the lives of all who must drive. A typtical third world country, no driving schools must exist here, or at least no one attends them. Flashing lights so you get out of the way. Riding your rear bumber and making eradic lane changes or driving on the shoulder or in between the marked lanes. Traffic laws are not enforced, at least not on the local's. Driving with no lights at night. Talking on their phones or just talking to the person in the car with them and not paying any attention to the road ahead. Hope I survive the roads of Kuwait.
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